Journal of Formalized Mathematics, Volume 3, 1991

Table of contents

  1. Algebra of Normal Forms Is a Heyting Algebra
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  2. K\"onig's Lemma
    by Grzegorz Bancerek
  3. Monotonic and Continuous Real Function
    by Jaroslaw Kotowicz
  4. Real Function Differentiability - Part II
    by Jaroslaw Kotowicz and Konrad Raczkowski
  5. Preliminaries to the Lambek Calculus
    by Wojciech Zielonka
  6. Opposite Categories and Contravariant Functors
    by Czeslaw Bylinski
  7. Mostowski's Fundamental Operations - Part II
    by Grzegorz Bancerek and Andrzej Kondracki
  8. Fundamental Types of Metric Affine Spaces
    by Henryk Oryszczyszyn and Krzysztof Prazmowski
  9. Filters - Part II. Quotient Lattices Modulo Filters and Direct Product of Two Lattices
    by Grzegorz Bancerek
  10. Shear Theorems and Their Role in Affine Geometry
    by Jolanta Swierzyska and Bogdan Swierzynski
  11. Serieses
    by Konrad Raczkowski and Andrzej Nedzusiak
  12. The Lattice of Natural Numbers and The Sublattice of it. The Set of Prime Numbers.
    by Marek Chmur
  13. Commutator and Center of a Group
    by Wojciech A. Trybulec
  14. Natural transformations. Discrete categories
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  15. Matrices. Abelian Group of Matrices
    by Katarzyna Jankowska
  16. Paracompact and Metrizable Spaces
    by Leszek Borys
  17. Atlas of Midpoint Algebra
    by Michal Muzalewski
  18. Several Properties of the $\sigma$-additive Measure
    by Jozef Bialas
  19. Metrics in the Cartesian Product - Part II
    by Stanislawa Kanas and Adam Lecko
  20. Fix Point Theorem for Compact Spaces
    by Alicia de ~la ~Cruz
  21. Quadratic Inequalities
    by Jan Popiolek
  22. Introduction to Banach and Hilbert Spaces - Part I
    by Jan Popiolek
  23. Introduction to Banach and Hilbert Spaces - Part II
    by Jan Popiolek
  24. Introduction to Banach and Hilbert Spaces - Part III
    by Jan Popiolek
  25. Category Ens
    by Czeslaw Bylinski
  26. A Borsuk Theorem on Homotopy Types
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  27. Cartesian Product of Functions
    by Grzegorz Bancerek
  28. Introduction to Modal Propositional Logic
    by Alicia de ~la ~Cruz
  29. Totally Bounded Metric Spaces
    by Alicia de ~la ~Cruz
  30. Categories of Groups
    by Michal Muzalewski
  31. Homomorphisms and Isomorphisms of Groups. Quotient Group
    by Wojciech A. Trybulec and Michal J. Trybulec
  32. Rings and Modules - Part II
    by Michal Muzalewski
  33. Free Modules
    by Michal Muzalewski
  34. Oriented Metric-Affine Plane - Part I
    by Jaroslaw Zajkowski
  35. The Euclidean Space
    by Agata Darmochwal
  36. Metric Spaces as Topological Spaces - Fundamental Concepts
    by Agata Darmochwal and Yatsuka Nakamura
  37. Heine--Borel's Covering Theorem.
    by Agata Darmochwal and Yatsuka Nakamura
  38. Some Facts about Union of Two Functions and Continuity of Union of Functions
    by Yatsuka Nakamura and Agata Darmochwal
  39. The Topological Space $\calE^2_\rm T$. Arcs, Line Segments and Special Polygonal Arcs
    by Agata Darmochwal and Yatsuka Nakamura
  40. Cyclic Groups and Some of Their Properties - Part I
    by Dariusz Surowik
  41. Isomorphisms of Categories
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  42. Similarity of Formulae
    by Agata Darmochwal and Andrzej Trybulec
  43. Category of Rings
    by Michal Muzalewski
  44. Category of Left Modules
    by Michal Muzalewski
  45. Real Function One-Side Differentiability
    by Ewa Burakowska and Beata Madras
  46. Sequences in Metric Spaces
    by Stanislawa Kanas and Adam Lecko
  47. The Topological Space $\calE^2_\rm T$. Simple Closed Curves
    by Agata Darmochwal and Yatsuka Nakamura

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