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Bisons in Bialowieza National Park
MKM 2004
Third International Conference on


September 19th - 21st, 2004
Bialowieza, Poland

Affiliated Workshops - September 18, 2004


The MKM 2004 Conference will be held at Hotel Zubrowka Conference Centre in the Bialowieza National Park. The Hotel is situated in the center of the Bialowieza village.

Weather in the second part of September in Bialowieza Region is usually continental. Temperature: daytime - max. 20 C, min. 9 C, partly cloudy.

Bialowieza National Park The National Park listed on the World Heritage List, situated on the grounds of historic, picturesque Palace Park, in neighbourhood of the one of a few remaining European lowland natural forests. The wilderness of nature and beauty of the scenery create an unforgettable atmosphere of the kingdom of bisons.


The conference facilities include projectors for both computers and transparencies. A photo copier and access to the Internet are available (wire and wireless).
Conference participants who plan to use their notebooks should have a IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g wireless PCMCIA card to be able to communicate through a wireless hot-spot internet access point. A couple of PCMCIA cards will be also available to share.


Hotel Zubrowka (* * * *) belongs to the Best Western chain.
The participation fee includes the cost of a single (double) room and full board, free access to the hotel's Finnish and Russian sauna, and table tennis. The check-in time is 14:00, the check-out time is 12:00. We have booked the Conference Center and a block of rooms at the hotel. We obtained a special low price for the time of workshops and the conference. The fee includes the stay for the entire period. Even if you stay for a short time, the price is flat.


       How to reach Warsaw

By air: Warsaw-Okecie Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW) is served by all major European airlines. In addition, there are some inexpensive connections offered by discount airlines. Note however, that the arrivals and departures offered by these inexpensive airlines are usually not as convenient as schedules of the major ones.

By train: All international trains to Warsaw stop at Warszawa Centralna station. There are direct connections with Berlin, Prague, Moscow, and Vienna. The time-tables of international trains can be found at German railways web pages.
A detailed time-table of Polish State Railways (PKP) trains can be found at page.

       How to reach Bialowieza from Warsaw North-east Poland, ways of reaching Bialowieza 
from Warsaw Poland

From Warsaw to Bialowieza (260 km) and back by the conference bus: By train and by taxicab (through Bialystok): For those who decide to travel from Warsaw by themselves we suggest going by train to Bialystok (190 km, approx. 2.5 hours).
Warszawa Centralna ---> Bialystok
                  7:12 ----- 9:52
                  9:12 ---- 11:50
                  11:12 --- 13:47
                  13:02 --- 15:40
                  15:12 --- 17:50
                  16:32 --- 19:00 [R] except Saturday, Sept. 18
                  18:12 --- 20:50
                  20:32 --- 23:10       except Saturday, Sept. 18

   Bialystok ---> Warszawa Centralna
                  5:03 ----- 7:30          except Sunday, Sept. 19
                  6:20 ----- 8:40
                  7:55 ---- 10:10   [R] except Sunday, Sept. 19
                  10:00 --- 12:28
                  13:23 --- 15:48
                  16:05 --- 18:28
                  18:10 --- 20:33
                  19:55 --- 22:28       

In that case, if there is sufficient interest, we can arrange transportation from Bialystok to Bialowieza (85 km, approx. 1 hour) by a conference car. It is also quite reasonable for a group of three to take a taxicab from Bialystok to Bialowieza (approx.: daytime - 160 PLN (36 Euro), night - 220 PLN (49 Euro)).

Questions to: Roman Matuszewski (or mobile: +48-603-491-986).
Program Chair:
Andrzej Trybulec
University of Bialystok
Institute of Informatics
ul. Sosnowa 64
15-887 Bialystok, Poland
Phone: + 48 85 745 75 59
Fax: + 48 85 745 70 73
Conference Chair:
Roman Matuszewski
University of Bialystok
Department of Logic
Plac Uniwersytecki 1
15-420 Bialystok, Poland
Phone: + 48 85 745 75 10
Fax: + 48 85 745 74 78
mobile: +48-603-491-986
Organizing Committee
Adam Naumowicz (Univ. of Bialystok)
Mariusz Giero (Univ. of Bialystok)
Adam Grabowski (Univ. of Bialystok)
Magda Polubiec (Warsaw)
mobile: +48-602-133-431
Jan Matuszewski (Warsaw)
Robert Budzynski (Warsaw)
mobile: +48-602-64-64-32

Last modified: September 13, 2004

Participants Program Affiliated Workshops