Bisons in Bialowieza National Park
MKM 2004
Third International Conference on


SEPTEMBER 19th - 21st, 2004
(organized by University of Bialystok)

Program Committee:
Andrzej Trybulec (Chair),
University of Bialystok, Poland
Andrew A. Adams,
University of Reading, U.K.
Andrea Asperti,
University of Bologna, Italy
Bruno Buchberger,
RISC Linz, Austria
Roy McCasland ,
U. of Edinburgh, U.K.
James Davenport,
University of Bath, U.K.
William M.Farmer,
McMaster University, Canada
Herman Geuvers,
Katholieke U. Nijmegen, NL
Therese Hardin, Pierre & Marie
Curie University, France
Fairouz Kamareddine,
Heriot-Watt U., U.K.
Michael Kohlhase,
Internat. U. Bremen, Germany
Paul Libbrecht,
Saarland University, Germany
Bengt Nordstrom,
Chalmers U. of Techn., Sweden
Renaud Rioboo, Pierre & Marie
Curie University, France
Bernd Wegner,
Technical U. of Berlin, Germany


The Conference looks for original contributions to theoretical, technological and pragmatical aspects of Mathematical Knowledge Management. Papers focused on system/projects descriptions and comparison, standardization efforts, critical surveys, large experiments, and case studies are particularly welcome. A list of topics (to be understood as specialized to the realm of mathematical information) comprises but is not restricted to:

  • Knowledge representation
  • Metadata
  • Data mining
  • Digital libraries
  • Searching and retrieving
  • Repositories of formalized mathematics
  • Languages of mathematics
  • Math assistants
  • Deduction systems
  • Computer algebra systems
  • Authoring languages and tools
  • Interactive learning
  • Web presentation of mathematics
  • MathML and XML based standards

We plan to publish the proceedings of the Conference in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

Mathematical knowledge is a treasure unsurpassed in its extent, richness, and interconnectedness, its vitality to engineering, science, and mathematics itself, its daily use by millions of people. And thus mathematical knowledge seems to be an excellent candidate for testing innovative theoretical and technological solutions for content-based information systems, their interoperability, and management of machine processable information on the Semantic Web.

Important dates:

  • Submission deadline: May 15, 2004. Closed.
  • Notification of acceptance/rejection: June 10, 2004. Closed.
  • Camera ready copies: July 1st, 2004. Closed.
  • Early registration deadline: August 12, 2004. Closed.
  • Late registration deadline: September 7, 2004. Closed.
  • Workshops: September 18, 2004
  • Conference: September 19 - 21, 2004
Program Chair:
Andrzej Trybulec
University of Bialystok
Institute of Informatics
ul. Sosnowa 64
15-887 Bialystok, POLAND
Phone: + 48 85 745 75 59
Fax: + 48 85 745 70 73

Conference Chair:
Roman Matuszewski
University of Bialystok
Department of Logic
Plac Uniwersytecki 1
15-420 Bialystok, POLAND
Phone: + 48 85 745 75 10
Fax: + 48 85 745 74 78
Mobile:+ 48 603 491 986

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