Rusty Lusks question

Thu, 12 May 94 11:36:15 CET

No, I do not believe that everything has been said. On the contrary,
I do believe that we did not start as yet.

I discussed QED Manifesto many times here with students and staff.
The reaction to reasons to do QED is quite favorable, not so to objections
and the remainig part.
For instance Objection No 1, Controversies in mathematics. It seems
that the common answer is: "these are controversies in the Philosophy of
Mathematics, who cares ?".
I do not claim that I share this opinion. The problem is that mathematicians
believe that there are no doubts what it means that a proof is correct and
that there is a huge koine that they use (much more than ZFC). And I believe
that if we failed to get mathematicians involved, we would fail the QED
project as well.And to get mathematicians involved, we have to find
out how to talk to them. I meanregular mathematicians that use computer
mostly for TeX.

Andrzej Trybulec